Friday, March 17, 2006

You Have to Play to Win!

Indeed you do. I don't recall ever winning anything particularly grand in my life. In fact I seem to recall persuading the Readers Digest to withdraw the prize that I was eligible for because I was too young to accept it! To that end it was quite an amazing shock to discover that I was a winner today.

It feels so good to have won something though. It kind of lifts you; makes you feel as though it was worth entering; worth spending the 5 minutes to answer a few questions (which at the time seem so random and completely irrelevant to the service you have just trialled that you wonder how the providers will make any sense of the statistics created by the response!)

So I am a winner and regardless of whether or not it was a fix (surely if only one person enters then only one person can win! - I was, of course, assured that I was not a lonely entrant - it just felt like it at the time!), I am a winner.

And further more it is incredibly tempting to not share with you what I won.... You might have to ask!

PS A word to the wise - it is great fun deliberately trying to see how extreme you can make your comments so that the statistics really do end up being completely balanced.

PPS A word to the very wise - I failed statistics at A-Level.

PPPS A word to those who are still reading - I proved that you can learn by parrot fashion and passed Statistics at University with flying colours but now can't remember a thing!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sniffing the Dirt

I was clearing through some old photos (2002?) and came across this one. Clearly he had sniffed out the dirt on me and was set to tell a porky!