Thursday, December 15, 2005

2005 Review in a Blog

2005 has been full ofchange following a year of energy in 2004… We started the year with Anne-Marie still travelling to Leicester and Glenn still trying to be a HR Manager! In January 2005 Glenn got a year older but other than grey hairs hasn’t gained much more! In February Anne-Marie also gained a year but managed to miss the grey hair increase! (Glenn’s dad retired shortly followed by mum!) In March we had a really good time with friends in Aylesbury at Easter building a Holy Space as part of our Church’s Easter Celebrations. With the exception of a friends wedding, we struggled through April knowing that we had a holiday planned and that many parts of our Camp planning had gone relatively smoothly. In May we joined our friends the Edwards in the Lakes for a week at Centre Parcs on Holiday! It was a great week filled with fresh air and fun in the middle of a forest. Glenn also resigned from Costain as he had accepted a new job with Rok. We went to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in London in June whilst July saw us complete final preparations for Porthpean and go to another Wedding whilst Glenn worked out his notice with a little garden leave! Anne-Marie was still working hard on her studies. The camp in August went amazingly smoothly with next to no hiccups. We had fun and shared amazing fellowship with new and old friends and 84 young people. Glenn started his new job on our return from Cornwall. In September Martha (our cat) was diagnosed with diabetes and we attended another wedding. We went to see Mary Poppins in London and decided to take up golf. Since then time has flown -not through playing golf! We have committed to running Porthpean again next year and made a concerted effort to start planning for this in October. Anne-Marie made significant headway with the last parts of her Master’s degree in November whilst Glenn has taken up reading Leadership Development books! As December makes the days shorter, we are looking forward to an end to Anne-Marie’s studies (hopefully gaining her LLM) and decorating the house in the new year! We will have attended our 4th wedding before the year ends! And to sun it all up in a picture or two:  

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Watching Over London

So we went to London and looked over London... at night... on the Eye and here is the result!  

Friday, November 25, 2005

Defining Bright and Funny

A banter of emails caused me to question who was being described as bright and funny. On reflection I have now learnt that suggesting girls couldn’t be bright and funny was a mistake. I have indeed paid for it several times and apologise significantly more (but it won’t be over until the fat lady sings)!

Notwithstanding this, I do think it would be pertinent if not essential to make clear the definitions of “bright” and “funny” in relation to people in general. From the lesson I have learnt it would appear that there are 2 views: One held by females and one held by males.

If, at this point you are lost, I would suggest that you click on a picture, link, advertisement or another page. Perhaps this one! If not then I would just like to say that having set out on this journey (to suggest definitions of “bright” and “funny” in relation to people), I have opted to hold my own view and keep you guessing!

I would have been able to put this into context but sadly my Windows profile has recently been found to be corrupt (no reflection of my mental state before you ask) and as a result I have lost all record of the email banter!


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Sleep and Things

I have just read an article that suggests the larger the animal the less sleep it needs. The extremes given are that of a Hamster - that needs a huge amount of sleep and an Elephant - that needs next to nothing. Ok so that may not seem so daft when you think about the old heart rate and size theory (whereby the smaller the animal the faster the heart beat and hence the shorter life span etc.) because a smaller animal has clearly got to fit more sleep into their shorter life time. However if this applies to human beings then I think we should head towards the European Court of Justice and raise a case on grounds of equality! Just a thought!

As with all things there are exceptions (or incredible extremes) that break the rules: Dolphins are so clever that they can sleep whilst being awake... They can alternate which side of the brain they use to think whilst resting the other side in a form of sleep. It is notable that whilst they do this one eye closes. My father suggests he can do the same but doesn't have independent control of his eye lids!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

A Saturday in September

Rob and Wendy's Wedding - A really great day that was enjoyed by all the quests (particularly the blossoming work colleagues!) 

Friday, September 09, 2005

I've Started so I'll Finish

Three weeks ago my neighbour asked me if there was any chance that I was going to do any work some day soon! - I started work 4 days later!

Indeed I started work with a very different employer and after a bumpy start things are settling down and I am slowly establishing a place - well actually a number of places.... We have a hot desking policy whcih means I have a different desk every time I arrive at work!

It's great actually! The clear desk policy applies every night so you have a clear desk in the morning; you have an excuse to call IT lots because we advocate a paperless office making IT essential!

Adding to the luxury of a clean desk each morning I have halved my journey time into work. I am struggling to be late to work - even if I have a lie in I can still be at my desk before 9am! As with everything there are exceptions: The other day I had a 3 hour journey to work (but that was because I travelled 200 miles to get to the office I was working for that day!

So life is peachy! (To coin a dated phrase that probably provides you with an indication of my age!)

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Porthpean 3 - The End - 2005

And these were all of the people that made Porthpean 3 2005 completely successful and rewarding. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Porthpean 3 - The Middle - 2005

Everything at Porthpean 3, 2005 was attributed to God.  

Monday, August 08, 2005

Friday, August 05, 2005

Has it been quiet?

Not really! I guess I should have expected that being owned by one company (still under contract) but committed to joining another (contract signed and waiting to join!) wasn't going to be as easy as "garden leave".
I can understand the principle of Garden Leave and to be honest it has been a great pportunity for me to relax an have some time out but has it had the desired affect?
For the answer to that you would need to ask the question "What was the desired affect?" or at least "What was the objective?". I suspect the answer is no - but don't tell anyone because it would be a waste of time and money to find out!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

A Wedding in July!

Tracy and Alex's Wedding - The weather was amazing (much like the bride); the groom handsome and the boys and girls played and enjoyed; Jack stayed up late! 

Monday, July 18, 2005

Singapore to London Return!

A meeting with a (tempting to say old - sorry Willin!) University friend in London. WIllin studied Law at Nottingham and has just opened a restaurant in Singapore! (See the links.)  

Sunday, July 17, 2005

A Typical English Garden Party?

A fantastic Sunday afternoon was had by all when we celebrated Rupert and Maria's move to pastures new with a glorious barbecue in Martin and Julia's back garden.  

Monday, July 11, 2005

Guilty but Not Responsible

To say that the last few weeks have been manic would be a slight understatement. They have been furious!
The other day someone asked me how I was.... "Winding Down?" they asked.... "You have to be kidding" I joked!
I then queried why on earth I wasn't winding down and the line "Guilty but not responsible" from a film called "The Contender" came to mind.
For the few months leading up to my resignation I felt a little guilty. Whether it was because of the meetings I was having (not all in work time!) or because I was struggling to keep on the mask that everything was fine and dandy I'm not sure. Nonetheless I did have a feeling of guilt.
I don't recall the guilt dissapearing but I am certain that the furiousity I am now exepriencing is now responsibility driven! I am still contributing to new ideas and working for the onward progress of the company; keeping up the day job with no one to hand over to!
Ho Hum!

Friday, July 01, 2005

And now the Main Board

So there I was making pleasantries with the chairman of the main board and he proceeds to ask me why I am leaving.

He was more than concerned and genuinely interested.

I had this theory once that basically made you feel worthless....

something about water in a bucket, put your hand in and take it out. The space / hole left in the water is relative to the hole you will leave should you leave a place.

Perhaps I was wrong......

In hind sight he might have been fishing for gossip or dirt on my superiors?! Who knows.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Leaving one Place to Join Another

In the last 3 weeks, maongst many other things, I have been called a "Sod" and and "B*****d" by two very close colleagues whom I would and still do consider close friends...

I have to admit I was surprised. And all because I said I was leaving!

News travels faster than you can consider. OUr facilities manager knew before most and possibly even before me! Apart from the outburst, I have been genuinely surprised by the response peope have had to me handing in my notice.

I maintain that noone is really indespensible and that no sooner are you gone as someone better and braver and more appropriate fills the void. So leaving is just a part of life. You leave one place to join another - probably because someone left the place you are going to!

Out of all of the comments and actions taken since handing in my notice I was most surprised to find out that the news was tabled at the board meeting..... gulp..... for me.... but I am lowest of the low.... someone who is often overlooked and rarely thought to have the answer to anything but admin questions!....

It would appear that I have an amount of knowledge that the business want to squeeze from me. Sadly I am not convinced that they know what it is!

Ho Hummmm

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Life Must Go One

It really must. Eras come to an end but life still goes on. Yesterday is the past, Today is now and who knows what Tomorrow may bring.

Colleagues and acquaintances I have many. Friends just one or two. Those I know well I can count on one hand. Those who know me are few. And the only reason why is because we don't tell them!!!!!

I am in the process of leaving one job to move onto pastures new. I fully accept that the grass is greener on the otherside of the fence only if you water or nurture it. I have spent a number of months trying to water the grass I am faced with each morning with my current job and have decided that I'm not in the right field. So I am off to graze elsewhere!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Another Tiring Day

Find something that you like doing and then get someone to pay you for doing it.

I am not sure who said it - and they probably became famous after saying it! - but it is the best career advice out there!

Today has been one going from here to there and back again without actually leaving the floor of my work building! I have advised, managed, concluded and listened to 2 ends of a spectrum of issues relating to people and whilst accepting that there is "nought so queer as folk" I still can't fathom why they are still employing me!