Friday, June 10, 2005

Leaving one Place to Join Another

In the last 3 weeks, maongst many other things, I have been called a "Sod" and and "B*****d" by two very close colleagues whom I would and still do consider close friends...

I have to admit I was surprised. And all because I said I was leaving!

News travels faster than you can consider. OUr facilities manager knew before most and possibly even before me! Apart from the outburst, I have been genuinely surprised by the response peope have had to me handing in my notice.

I maintain that noone is really indespensible and that no sooner are you gone as someone better and braver and more appropriate fills the void. So leaving is just a part of life. You leave one place to join another - probably because someone left the place you are going to!

Out of all of the comments and actions taken since handing in my notice I was most surprised to find out that the news was tabled at the board meeting..... gulp..... for me.... but I am lowest of the low.... someone who is often overlooked and rarely thought to have the answer to anything but admin questions!....

It would appear that I have an amount of knowledge that the business want to squeeze from me. Sadly I am not convinced that they know what it is!

Ho Hummmm

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