Monday, July 11, 2005

Guilty but Not Responsible

To say that the last few weeks have been manic would be a slight understatement. They have been furious!
The other day someone asked me how I was.... "Winding Down?" they asked.... "You have to be kidding" I joked!
I then queried why on earth I wasn't winding down and the line "Guilty but not responsible" from a film called "The Contender" came to mind.
For the few months leading up to my resignation I felt a little guilty. Whether it was because of the meetings I was having (not all in work time!) or because I was struggling to keep on the mask that everything was fine and dandy I'm not sure. Nonetheless I did have a feeling of guilt.
I don't recall the guilt dissapearing but I am certain that the furiousity I am now exepriencing is now responsibility driven! I am still contributing to new ideas and working for the onward progress of the company; keeping up the day job with no one to hand over to!
Ho Hum!

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