Monday, February 20, 2006

Glenn's Theory No.1 - Email

Mr Bill Gates and his technocrat colleagues, associates and competitors certainly created a rod for every living soles back when they invented email (before the comments come flooding in am aware that our friend (!) Mr Gates nor his Microsoft empire are the inventors of email but I am figuring that the mention of his name might get me a few more hits! – at least I am honest!).

OK so maybe I am setting out to offend in order to get attention (and I am really hoping that as a result of this entry people might start to read this blog!) and I accept that for the most part I am a supporter of email however I am also a concerned onlooker who is becoming increasingly aware that it is a cause of considerable stress, anguish and confusion whilst proclaiming to be quite the opposite!

I have a theory: (amongst many others by the same name) Glenn’s Theory No.1 – A successful day can be measured by measuring the number of emails you have received, the number you have sent and the number you have deleted. That is to say that a successful day is when the number you have deleted exceeds the combined sum of the number you have received and the number you have sent.

The objective of this theory (assuming theories are supposed to have objectives!) is to reduce the number of emails received by everyone.

Assuming the we all aim to have a successful day and my theory is correct then we will be able to eliminate the need to use email and return to methods of communication that are much more civilised such as talking to each other! To go one step further we could actually meet up with each other face to face! Let’s face it, whilst local transport may have got more expensive, long distance travel has got cheaper. (If I am right on this one and you pursue my logic, it might mean that you start to phone the person sitting adjacent to you but fly to see someone 1000 miles away just to say hello! Maybe I’ll consider that for a different blog entry!)

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