Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Have you seen a CLOD?

Oh yes they are out there. They are still alive and well. Hundreds if not thousands of them. The facts of the matter are clear. CLODS (Centre Lane Only Drivers for the unfamiliar) are
getting ever more prevalent. A BOFPC (Back of Fag Packet Calculation) tells me that I spot around 2,500 a year in driving 10,000 miles and I suspect that is simply scratching the tip of traffic jam!

It's a shame really. The poor old Highways Agency are subject of a large amount of negative publicity as a result of long traffic delays caused by the roadworks designed to minimise or alleviate the very thing they are designed to avoid. I'd suggest that if we could eliminate CLODS then many of the traffic jams would dissapear!

So I think there is a choice:

a) Provide a suitable method of removing CLODS
b) Legalise "undertaking" - clearly we will need to start training drivers to understand that they will start to use the things on the side of their cars - often called wing mirrors!

Of course they could do nothing and watch people like me to go slowly go insane watching people drive in the centre lane with complete disregard for any other road users. Isn't that prosecuable under current law?!

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