Sunday, December 21, 2008

Considerate Browsing

In so many ways, this is very similar to the escalator blog I posted previously but hey, if they are failing to pay attention to one, I am sure that they will ignore this one!

I was minding my own business yesterday, browsing for a gift. (I am sure that you are all far too aware that it is Christmas, that time of the year when shops manage to find the ability to convince the unsuspecting shopper that anything useless is actual useful if given as a gift! - see for what Christmas is really about!). I stood back, politely to let 3 ladies pass between me and the shelf I was looking at because there was clearly not enough room behind me for them to pass! Quite amazingly they stopped in front of me to have a chat - preventing me from seeing anything on the shelf I was looking at.

I genuinely believe that they had been quite oblivious to my browsing; I can't possibly believe that they did it purposefully. On the off chance that they did.... a simply sorry might have been nice but as a gesture of good will to all men (and women) please rest assured that I didn't hold it against you!

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