Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I Know It Has Been A While

OK, so I know it has been a while but that isn't to say I haven't been thinking about a load of things that I would like to put up on the blog. I could go on for hours about CLOD's (see previous posts) or Escalator virgins (again see previous posts) but the reality is I am writing to find the answer to a single question: Who was the author of the following quote:

"Security is found not in the absence of danger but in the presence of Jesus"

Googling it returns a whole host of people, blogs and books saying things like "It has been said that", "someone once said", "I heard that" etc. but I really would like to find out who actually said it. I genuinely believe it was divine inspiration and I know that I heard it on a radio broadcast about 4 years ago. I am sure that even then it was quoted!

So please, if anyone can let me know who quoted this, I'd really like to know!

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