Friday, May 13, 2011

New Driving Rules

So yesterday, our legal friends have enabled police to take greater action against dangerous drivers. They are now allowed to issue fixed penalties to anyone caught tail gating, undertaking or cutting you up. The boos and jeers from the crowd of poor drivers are, unmistakenly overwhelmed by the cheers of those who have been affected.

So here is my question: Will they also add to this list of poor driving habits the following:

  • CLODs (please refer to previous post)
  • Drivers who think cruising in the outside line when the centre lane (at least and often more) is clearly vacant and there is a clear road ahead and someone behind who is clearly in a hurry and wanting to collect some extra points on their license wants to over take them
  • Drivers who fail to indicate properly
  • Taxi Drivers (tempting to say in general but in fairness there are a few exceptions) who think that parking on a double yellow line to drop off is acceptable
  • People who park on the roadside within 10 yards of a free car park that clearly has spaces 

Oh yes, and do the motorcyclists who squeeze between the lanes of a motorway in all sorts of traffic count as undertakers or is that simply where they might head if they fail to realise it is probably one of the most dangerous things they could do after riding without full protective gear!

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